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Tim O’Grady

Tim O’Grady, Jr

Saturday, August 31 at 6pm

Tim O’Grady, Jr. is an independent, singer-songwriter from rural Southern Wisconsin. He is described by Marc Gratz of Midwest Music and Musings podcast as being “as genuine and humble as the songs he writes. His music speaks to the realities of Midwestern life, because that is the life he lives, the life he knows. He just so happens to be a talented singer-songwriter who can bring those stories to life.”

He has opened for several national and international touring artists and performed at venues like Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI), Bratfest (Madison, WI) The Room (Clinton, WI), Backroom Lounge (Riverton, IL), Roadside Bar & Grill (Nashville, TN) and hundreds more along the way.

Tim’s live shows are a blend of well-written originals, traditional country from just about every decade and a dash of classic rock.

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