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Fall | Bonfires

Fall Bonfires

Fall isn’t really complete without a bonfire! Snap, crackle and pop … add special friends, and you have a party ’round the fire. We’ll build large public bonfires where you can stop by to warm up for free. Or you can rent a private bonfire/picnic space for just your group.

Bonfire/Picnic Rental Options (day or night)

  • Small bonfire: (15-30 people) $65.00
  • Large bonfire: (31 – 60 people)  $110.00
  • Extra-large bonfire: (60+ people)  $150.00+

We can provide:

  • S/mores ($2 per person)
  • Hot cider ($3 per person)
  • Donuts ($11/dozen)

‘Hot Tips’ for Bonfires!

  • All bonfire guests must purchase a farm activity wristband (day) or ticket (night corn maze or Haunted Forest).
  • The bonfire space is rented for up to 3.75 hours. Available times: 10am-1:45pm, 2:15pm-6pm, and 6:15pm-10pm.
  • We provide wood, picnic table, benches and roasting sticks.
  • With bonfire rentals, guests have the option of carrying in their own food and beverages (non-alcoholic).