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Fall | Bonfires

Fall Bonfires

Fall isn’t really complete without a bonfire! Snap, crackle and pop … add special friends, and you have a party ’round the fire. We’ll build large public bonfires where you can stop by to warm up for free. Or you can rent a private bonfire/picnic space for just your group.

Bonfire/Picnic Rental Options (day or night)

  • Small bonfire: (15-30 people) $65.00
  • Large bonfire: (31 – 60 people)  $110.00
  • Extra-large bonfire: (60+ people)  $150.00+

We can provide:

  • S/mores ($2 per person)
  • Hot cider ($3 per person)
  • Donuts ($11/dozen)

‘Hot Tips’ for Bonfires!

  • All bonfire guests must purchase a farm activity wristband (day) or ticket (night corn maze or Haunted Forest).
  • The bonfire space is rented for up to 3.75 hours. Available times: 10am-1:45pm, 2:15pm-6pm, and 6:15pm-10pm.
  • We provide wood, picnic table, benches and roasting sticks.
  • With bonfire rentals, guests have the option of carrying in their own food and beverages (non-alcoholic).

Fall | Pumpkins

Pumpkins, Gourds & Produce

We want YOU to find the perfect pumpkin or favorite squash! So we planted 3 dozen varieties of pumpkins and squash! Beyond the beautiful colors and shapes, we have just what you need for decorating. We’ve got variations to satisfy the artist in you.

Shop the Country Store

Find the perfect farm mementos in our Country Store. With jarred goods, stuffed animals, local crafts, and candles — you are sure to find the right souvenir or gift. Plus! Sport Schuster’s Farm all year round with our adorable apparel.

Mini pumpkins: Orange, white and striped
Gourds: All sizes and colors
Corn shocks and straw bales
Decorative corn

Fall | Corn Maze

An aMAZEing adventure by day or night

This year, the corn maze celebrates many years of history on the farm! It is our 30th season of pumpkins! Our beloved Round Barn is 120 years old! AND we are celebrating 6 generations of farming in Dane County as our daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Mitchell, have joined us full-time on the farm. We are working hard to keep the memories going for future generations. As you go through the maze, we hope you can reminisce about old memories made on the farm and create new ones. Thank you for being a part of our farming legacy.
-Theresa, Don, Sarah, & Mitchell

The maze is divided into phases that will accommodate all age groups. The small maze is just the right challenge for the young crowd and provides the perfect controlled maze experience. The LARGE maze consists of two phases so our directionally-challenged guests may take a break or “regroup” mid-way through the maze. Right turns, wrong turns and U-turns, keep going until you find your way out!

Flashlite Nights

Want to try the corn maze challenge at night?
Bring a flashlight or buy a glowstick at the Ticket Booth.


Whodunit with a FARM twist. Fun for the whole family!


Very corny and funny word puzzles to ponder.

Trivia Passport

Grab a trivia passport and “TRI” to smart yourself through the maze.

Corn Maze Rules

  • Stay on the Paths — no cutting through, or you will get nabbed by the corn cops
  • Speed limit 2 mph — no running
  • No Picking, Shucking, Collecting, or Throwing Corn
  • No Alcohol — rule applies to visitors age 99 and younger
  • Cigarettes and corn stalks are a bad combination, so — No Smoking
  • No Bad Language — our corn has very tender ears
  • We do not allow anyone under 14 in the maze without an adult. All youth groups must have an adult chaperone for every group that enters the maze.