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The Farm

Schuster’s Farm has two beautiful facilities for your country wedding. Our historic Round Barn, built over a century ago, is a romantic venue, special not only in shape, but also beauty and character. It is the perfect setting for an intimate reception with seating for up to 130 guests.


A large family, you say? Our farm is prepared! Big Red, can seat up to 300 guests. With its high ceiling and old barn wood walls, the charm is still right where you want it.


Having beautiful indoor space is essential for your wedding day, but the outdoor features of the farm are what make Schuster’s Farm an especially unique wedding venue. Our pasture ceremony site is our favorite place on the farm! The majestic Burr Oaks amidst the rolling terrain are nature’s wedding gift.

wedFarm2The ceremony is, of course, the most important part of the day, but once the formalities are complete it is time to celebrate! Our shaded patio and entertaining backyard are just the right country transition to relaxing fun. Family and friends laugh and chatter as they mingle and play during this informal gathering time. Take as many photos as you wish — your guests are having too much fun to notice you’re not quite back yet!


Be advised that if you decide to get hitched at our farm, Herman WILL be invited. He is the adored little spokesmouse for Schusters Farm. He only eats cheese, not cake, so don’t fear for your reception goodies. And he will likely only watch from under a leaf or bush, as he is quite shy.  Remember — no Herman, no wedding.