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Our Story


Our farm weddings began like so many wonderful farm experiences have… with a question from a guest.
“Could we get married at a bonfire on your farm?”

The ceremony was simple (the llamas and donkeys watched in awe) and the reception was a relaxed gathering of family and friends in and around our centennial round barn. I got bit by a bug that night and caught wedding fever.

Over a decade later, Schuster’s Farm has hosted dozens of weddings, from simple to elegant, with one common factor. Every couple that has chosen to celebrate their wedding at the farm believes that family and friends being together to share in their love is the most important element of their celebration. If that is the focus you desire for your day, then we would love to provide the backdrop for the formal beginning of your life together.

Sharing the gift of our farm with you and your guests seems as natural as the beauty of the landscape and the crowing of the roosters. From your first tour to your final guests’ goodbye, we are with you to dream, plan, implement and cherish your special day! Making your day even more than you wished it would be is our personal goal for your wedding.


“Our friends still comment to us that we had the best wedding ever! People still talk about our wedding. We’ve since had friends get married and do outdoors weddings and they’ll say something to us like this, “We wish we could have pig races, but you already did it; we can’t copy! Your wedding was absolutely amazing, my favorite!” Thank you so much for a great wedding – best wedding EVER!”
Mary & Tom