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Summer is in full bloom…

Summer is in full bloom…

As we look around the farm, we realize just how blessed we are.  Mid-summer is a wonderful time to appreciate the beauty of all that we have growing here.  The corn maze is growing at an “a-maze-ing” rate and is well ahead of schedule.  We love watching it take shape.  The pumpkins and squash are once again thriving in the warm weather, so we are hopefully looking forward to a bumper crop.  The flower gardens are the crowning glory of our summer.

All of these growing things require a lot of planning and care by our dedicated staff.  The maze is planned with the help of our maze company, Don plans out the pumpkin and squash patches, and the flower beds are planned out with our Master Gardener, Mary Jane.

We recently had a chance to talk with Mary Jane about the planning process and the challenges that our gardening staff has faced this year in light of the wacky weather that Wisconsin has experienced.  Mary Jane and Theresa started planning the gardens back in March.  We had a heavy focus on annuals to look beautiful for our spring and summer wedding season, but Mary Jane notes that we will be shifting that focus to more perennials and native plants as the farm is moving out of the wedding business.

Cleaning up the garden beds was a task for April and early May.  That chore was made a little more difficult by the snowstorm that we had in mid April, but they were ready for planting on time and all of the flowers were in by the end of May.

Our gardeners have been busy since then with the regular maintenance required to keep the gardens beautiful.  Mary Jane, Pam, Maeve, Christian, and Dawson have all had a hand in weeding and watering.  The weather has provided some extra challenges this year as we have alternated between almost drought-like conditions followed by days of heavy rains.  The humidity has also led to fungus issues.  An influx of Japanese beetles has caused some concern and who knew that the most effective remedy would be picking them off the plants by hand and dropping them into a bucket of soapy water!  The mosquitoes have also been a pesky problem, and there has been a heavy use of that summer perfume known as bug spray!  Despite all of these nuisances, the hard work has paid off, and the gardens are simply stunning!  Flowers will continue to be a theme for the summer and fall, so check back for updates… we even have “flowers” in the maze!