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Corn Mazes

An aMAZEing adventure by day or night

The maze is divided into phases that will accommodate all age groups. The small maze is just the right challenge for the young crowd and provides the perfect controlled maze experience. The LARGE maze consists of two phases so our directionally-challenged guests may take a break or “regroup” mid-way through the maze. Right turns, wrong turns and U-turns, taking a break at each of the two scenic bridges hidden within, keep going until you find your way out!

Want to try the corn maze challenge at night? It’s darker out here in the country, so be sure to bring your flashlight or buy a glowstick ($1.00) at the Ticket Booth.

Farm Scene

Scavenge through the maze searching for five different hole punchers.

Corn Maze Games

CORNnundrums: Very corny and funny word puzzles to ponder.

Trivia Passport

Grab a trivia passport and ‘TRI’ to smart yourself through the maze.

 Corn Maze Rules

  • Stay on the Paths — no cutting through, or you will get nabbed by the corn cops
  • Speed limit 2 mph — no running
  • No Picking, Shucking, Collecting, or Throwing Corn
  • No Alcohol — rule applies to visitors age 99 and younger
  • Cigarettes and corn stalks are a bad combination, so — No Smoking
  • No Bad Language — our corn has very tender ears
  • We do not allow anyone under 14 in the maze without an adult.  All youth groups must have an adult chaperone for every group that enters the maze.