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Dane County Fair, here we come!


The last few weeks have been extra busy at the farm as Christian and Sarah prepared their  4-H entries for the Dane County Fair.  There has been a lot of grooming going on, as both Sarah and Christian are showing llamas and donkeys, as well as Christian’s rabbit and Sarah’s heifers!  


Dane Co Fair, sarah & carrie with heifers

Sarah and Carrie with the heifers


photo 6

Christian and his rabbit


Baths and brushing were all a part of making our favorite farm animals look their best!  Sarah also entered in the food categories, and our kitchen was filled with yummy smells!  Her cake turned out beautiful!  If you have some time this weekend, stop out at the Dane County Fair and see if you recognize any of our farm “pets”.


photo 5

Sarah’s heifer wins an award!


   They both take a lot of pride in their animals, and the animals love to show off as well (most of the time:))!  Kiley, Mara, and Lauren,who are some of our farmhands, have been showing their animals at the fair also, so it has been a lot of fun for everyone! 


photo 2

Kiley and her top blue holstein heifer.


photo 4

Mara exercises a llama.


photo 1

Lauren and her sheep smile for the camera!


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