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Busy Field Trip Days….

The sounds of children’s voices have been heard all over the farm the last couple months as we have hosted Spring and Summer Fieldtrips!  There have been “bees” buzzing around in our new honeybee costume, part of our new honeybee education unit, and beautiful blooms have been potted to take home.


Harriet the Honeybee and the bee costume

Asparagus was a big hit with children and goats alike……the children learned that, just like people, each goat has different taste preferences.   Amazingly, some of the goats turned their noses up at eating the tasty spears!  It does seem unusual considering that they will eat paper cups and mittens in the fall!  Visits with the animals are always a hit, and we have petted bunnies and chicks, cuddled the baby goats, and stroked Gethsemane’s (the donkey) mane.

turkey chick

Petting the Turkey Chick

baby goat

Vincent Van Goat (Vinnie)


Gethsemane poses for his close-up!

Our most recent summer field trip included a scavenger hunt using a map of the farm to locate some hidden items and nature finds, which the groups then turned into story panels.  We had some very creative stories about farmers on balloon rides and aliens doing battles, stealing our resources, and rescuing flower princesses!  It was a lot of fun to watch mixed groups of 5 to 10 year-olds work together to make some very detailed pictures and stories!  Laughter-filled barrel train rides and exploring the playground are the finishing touches on a busy visit to the farm.  It seems safe to say that a good time was had by all!