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Billboard on the Barn

And what’s this behind tin piece number 22?  It’s a…it’s a…it’s a YELLOW billboard!!!  For a hotel!  What?  Better call the Gangstads (former owners). That’s what we thought as we uncovered our round barn’s hidden surprise. But no need for the phone call. Within just a couple hours of unveiling, Eldora and Shirley pulled into the driveway.  Turns out the barn had had two billboards painted on it over the years. “That’s how we paid for the painting the barn”, Eldora said.

The billboard read:
In Madison
Capital Hotel
Free Parking    On the premises
All Hotel Facilities    Comfort Without Extravagance

The Capital Hotel was built in 1866 on King Street in downtown Madison. It was torn down in 1975 to make way for the GEF 3 government building.

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