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Baby Boom

Bessie’s older twin

It has been quite a week here on the farm!  We have been very busy getting ready for the harvest season, building new activities, and searching for the perfect farmhands to round out our farm family.  But perhaps the most exciting thing is the birth of a new batch of kids!

Dandelion and her friend, Rooster

We have welcomed ten baby goats so far this year, starting at the end of May, with our three newest additions arriving in the last week.  Dandelion, a feisty black and white goat, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 13th.  She is a beautiful little brown goat with just a few white spots.  Pretzel is a bit of a firecracker and ready for fun just like her mama!


Dandelion’s baby girl (Pretzel)

Bessie, a brown and white goat who reminds us of a Brown Swiss cow, gave birth to twins in the early hours of the morning during the giant rainstorm on Tuesday, August 21st.  These little girls are still getting their legs under them, but they are just as sweet as can be.  Both are half white and half dark brown, but are easy to tell apart as one has a brown face with a white spot and the other has a white face with a pink nose!  Bessie is very protective of them, and is a great mama goat.  We will be keeping them in the nursery  pen for a while so that they can have some quiet time to bond and grow, but they will join the rest of the herd to race and play with the other babies soon enough!

Bessie with her younger twin

Bessie’s younger twin getting ready for a nap.


We hope you get a chance to visit Dandelion, Bessie, and all of our new babies during your visit to Schuster’s Farm this fall!