Birthday Parties for any age

Life is a celebration no matter the age! Together we can create your next bushel of fun and a peck of memories birthday party!


FALL birthday parties (Late September to Late October) are a hit with the kids and truly easy on the parents. Let the farm provide the entertainment so you can join in the birthday fun. During our fall season, children’s parties are welcome to come and enjoy all the farmtastic fall fun without prior reservation. Arrive whenever you wish, buy tickets at the ticket booth and have a blast!

Party add-ons for birthday parties (please reserve in advance):

Gemstone or fossil mining:  Kids pan for rocks & minerals or fossils. Every treasure found is theirs to keep!
$30.00 for 12 small bags (10-15 hidden treasures)
$50.00 for 12 large bags (double the treasures)


Small bonfire $50.00 – 30 peeps or under
Large bonfire $75.00 – 31+ peeps

Youth & Adult Birthdays

You don’t have to be a child to have fun on the farm. An outdoor evening gathering under the harvest moon with the fire crackling and smoke dancing into the cool night’s air. Sound right? Then book a bonfire for the birthday celebration! Add the flashlight corn maze or haunted forest and no one will ever forget this special evening.

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