It’s really corny fun … in Deerfield, Wisconsin!

Schuster’s Farm 2013 Corn Maze
Welcome to Wisconsin Coach Andersen!


Update 10/26/13: Warning:  The large corn maze has taken on a new life due to destruction from cutting through guests but our visitors still partook and got lost today. Just an FYI!

So two UW alumni have this huge cornfield and every year they cut a design in it. Some years the carving has been done to shine a light on a charity (Big Brothers, Big Sisters 2004; Gilda’s Club 2008; US Transplant Games 2010; Ronald McDonald House 2011 and 12; ) and other years it has been to celebrate Bucky’s national accomplishments (Bucky Owns College Hockey 2006; Multi-sports National Titles 2007). But during the winter of 2012 word of a new football coach hit the wire and these two Madison alum farmers decided it would be fitting to give the “new guy” a BIG Wisconsin welcome! 

So just how does one barber such a large image? Well, Mark Krizan of Vierbicher and Associates gave Coach Andersen his first buzz. Farmer Don then went in to refine the cut and finally the rest of the family, plus a couple farmhands, spent hours trimming and primping in just the right places. Final result—a well-manicured, larger than life bust of the UW Badger Football Coach, Gary Andersen! Welcome to Camp Randall and Wisconsin!
Fall season is the best here!

About the maze experience …

The corn maze offers adventure by day or night.  If you’re coming at night, be sure to grab your flashlight–It’s darker out here in the country!

So what exactly does one do to get through a corn maze???   Corn maze games, of course!!!   For the fun of all and preservation of the maze, we enforce, through the use of a very special corn cop unit, these “corn maze rules“.