Would you eat a cow pie?

Farmers can be really funny.  Take, for example, the names they give to the less than appetizing animal waste….Meadow Muffins, Road Apples, and Cow Pies.  They all sound tasty, but you really don’t want to eat them!  That all changes today!  Years ago, one of our tour guides spent time teaching preschool in a Madison daycare facility.  Cooking projects that involved measuring and mixing were encouraged as part of the curriculum, and during a “Farm” themed unit, one of her fellow teachers, Nancy, shared a recipe for a treat called cow pies.  They were a hit with all of the children, both for the mixing (what pre-schooler doesn’t enjoy a messy mixing project!) and the eating!  Sweet, lumpy cow pies look very realistic, but they sure smell and taste a lot better than the real things!

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Are you missing the maze?

The cold and windy weather of winter has us all missing the warmer days of September and October when we were wandering the twists and turns of the maze. Ashley, one of our office staff, and her son were feeling the same way, so they started looking for fun activities on the internet. They stumbled across an idea for making their own maze out of playdough, and decided that it would be a fun thing to do! After designing their maze, Carson dug out his Super Heroes, and they commenced a battle which had the “bad guys” on the wall, and the “good guys” finding their way through the maze to defeat them!


Carson with his maze


The bad guys hide out!

The bad guys hide out!


If you would like to go one step further and make your own playdough, we are sharing a recipe of unknown origin that made the rounds of many Madison area daycares and pre-schools on the 1990s! The drink mix gives it vivid colors and a great smell! This recipe should be made by an adult as it involves working with boiling water!

Kool-Aid Playdough

2 ½ cups of Flour

½ cup of Salt

1 tablespoon of Alum (found in the spice aisle)

2 packages of unsweetened Kool-Aid

3 tablespoons of Vegetable Oil

2 cups of Boiling Water

Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl with a heavy spoon (a non-reactive, plastic, or glass bowl is best, as I pitted a metal mixing bowl making this recipe!). When it cools, have your child help to complete the mixing by working the dough with their hands! If the dough is too sticky, add an extra ½ to 1 cup of flour. The dough keeps well for a long time when sealed in plastic baggies!


If you have other a-maze-ing ideas, please share them with us! Perhaps a maze out of legos, or pillows, or even snow is in your creative realm!


To see the idea that inspired Ashley and her son, go to



The Peace of the Season….

After a beautiful and bustling fall, the farm has been tidied up and battened down in preparation for the howling winds of winter!  We want to take a moment to thank all of you who came out to enjoy the near perfect autumn weather, and the bounty of our harvest season!  Along with abundant sunshine and many warm days, our guests made it a joyful time to be on the farm.  Our thanks go out to our hardworking staff as well.  We have many talented workers, and their willingness to share their skills make harvest time a success!  

Holiday wishes from Perseus the Rabbit!

Holiday wishes from Perseus the Rabbit!

May the peace of the season be with you all, and we look forward to new adventures on the farm in 2015!

Pumpkin Destruction Day

If you want to have a ‘smashing’ good time, plan to come out to Schuster’s Farm on Nov. 1 for our Pumpkin Destruction Day.  Join us for pumpkin smashin’, blastin’ and stompin’ fun!  We will be blasting pumpkins from the cannon all day and proceeds will go to Badger Honor Flight.

Play pumpkin bowling, work on your swing while batting pumpkin homeruns into our field, or put on your stompin boots for some good old fashioned pumpkin boot stompin!

November 1, 2014



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